file000194574399First we do a thorough Health Evaluation using Dr. Berg’s experience-based protocols.

Then we record your voice to get a baseline.

We can find out what your voice is telling you about yourself.

Is your body too low or too high in a necessary nutrient?  How might that be affecting you?  Are you low or high in a muscle reading?  Are any diseases developing that might be preventable?  What body type are you — ovary, liver, thyroid, or adrenal?  What markers are showing up in your voice that support the symptoms you’re identifying that are affecting your life?

And once we figure that out, what does that all mean for you?

Armed with this feedback, do your own research.  Make your own life changes.  Take charge of your own health — your wellness, your way.

If you choose to go the next step, request a complete vocal profiling analysis that will identify what frequency tones your body is asking for that will help your body return to a balanced, harmonious, healthy state.  Buy your own tone box that I will program for you with frequencies specific to your needs based on your voiceprint, and listen to your very own tones up to three separate times a day.

As the weeks go by and your body responds to those tones and comes back into balance, return once or twice a month for me to program new healing tones into your tone box.

Want to find out just how good you can feel?  Want to support your body in healing itself?

Contact BioFrequencies Clinic today!


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Melanie had been dealing with the annoyances of allergies her entire life. She was in good company though, as her entire family experienced the same problems. Melanie’s specific case affected her arms, elbows, backs of knees, face, and scalp. Using soap or shampoo was out of the question.

When an allergy attack comes on her face breaks out with fluid which she can feel in her ears. In additions there is a burning in her neck. As a result of these conditions she has a general feeling of distress all the time and is unable to go out and socialize. In attempts to lessen the allergic symptoms she has taken cortico steroids and remains on a daily regimen of antihistamines.

After listening to sounds for 5-6 hours a day Melanie experienced perfect health for 10 days-no swelling or itching. Following this time period Melanie’s headphones went completely dead on one side leaving her to listen to the sound in only one ear at a time. This lack of consistent sound resulted in a reversal of all the positive results and left her again with itchiness and swelling. Melanie quickly purchased a new headset and returned to the previous routine of listening to the sounds; the symptoms disappeared with the broken headset.

Melanie is now back in Australia with her family relaying the good news of her vanished allergies.

Melanie ~ Allergies

“I almost got a speeding ticket coming into the office to let everyone hear the good news!”

“The Sounds really do work!” -JoAnn

In 1991 at the age of 53, I thought the aches and pains that I was experiencing in my knees were just a part of the aging process, plus wear and tear and payment for my youthful excesses (heavy lifting, etc). By age 57, going up and down stairs had become a problem: standing from a squatting position without help was impossible. I began to take stock in the “You’re getting older, you’ll just have to learn to live with it the best you can” myth.

In August of 1995 I was doing my daily chores at Signature Sound Works. I was limping as I walked up the hall. Sharry noticed my slow progress and asked me what was the matter. I told Sharry how the pain in my knees had begun to be a real hindrance to my getting around. Sharry said, “Come on, let me do your Sounds!”

My first thought was, “This is my chance to see if BioAcoustics works!” Even though I had worked for Sharry for four years, and knew of BioAcoustics’ successes for clients the world over, I had doubts about the process. I was looking forward to being able to make up my own mind about it.

Sharry used her unusual hearing abilities to conduct my vocal analysis, and backed this up with a computerized assessment. When we compared the two, they were almost identical. I listened to my sounds, intermittently, for the next several days. As I listened, my pain gradually diminished. I was at home doing housework one day after I had been using the sounds. I realized I had been down on my knees for the first time in months and had felt very little pain!

It has been almost a year since I first listened to my Signature Sounds. I have very little pain in either knee. I achieved this relief without having to resort to risky medications or costly and dangerous surgery.

JoAnn ~ Aches and Pains